Supreme Gas | AAAA Lemon Meringue -  Budder Concentrates Budder

Lemon Meringue - Budder

Supreme Gas | AAAA

THC 96%
CBD 1%

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Supreme Gas | AAAA
Concentrates (or “dabs”) are the latest craze among cannabis users, and budder is drawing a particularly strong crowd. In the early days of BHO, budder wasn’t so highly sought after since it wasn’t as potent as other butane concentrates, but that has changed in recent years. Thanks to better extraction techniques and cleaner purges, concentrate manufacturers are now capable of producing budder with cannabinoid concentrations of 70%, 80%, and even 90%. Besides its high potency, some other reasons cannabis users love budder are: Its rich concentration of terpenes. When extracted and purged properly, budder can contain a rich bouquet of concentrated terpenes that give off exceptional aromas and flavours which are completely different from what you might be used to from flower. Its smooth smokability. Dabs are typically vaporized using a vaporizer or dab rig. Since these gadgets don’t actually combust the concentrate, they provide a much smoother smoke than a bong or joint. Its unique high. Like BHO, hash, and other concentrates, budder produces a unique high that many users find more clear-headed.